Best drug rehab Thailand

Lanna is the leading international destination for drug rehab treatment in Asia. They offer a professional, private, world-class treatment program. And they can help.

Cost effective private drug rehab

To the best of our knowledge Lanna is the most cost effective drug treatment facility in the world. Their believe is that everyone should have a chance at world class drug or alcohol treatment. Our view remains that  Lanna provides equivalent, or better, treatment to programs easily charging 10 times their rates.

South East Asia’s most effective residential rehab

Lanna is one of only 3 rehab centres in Thailand accredited by the Thai Government, drawing on the most professional and highly trained counsellors working in the region. And they have helped thousands of clients from over 50 countries.

Asia’s only non-12 step treatment center

Lanna is a non-12 step centre. However, they acknowledge the benefits of the fellowship for some people and will work with you towards your goals.

Medical Partnerships

Lanna is partners with Bangkok Hospital-Trat, a JCI and The European Aeromedical Institute accredited hospitals. 

Medical Detox

Medical detoxification can be facilitated as part of your program; you will, however, be responsible for the fees directly to the hospital. This process is still substantially less expensive in Thailand then in Australia.

Professional Rehab Staff

Lanna still boasts the most highly experienced and qualified Western therapeutic staff working in South East Asia.

Rehab Aftercare Planning

Lanna has a network of aftercare specialists in Australia who will work with. If you come from an area where they cannot locate a suitable therapist, they utilise counsellors who specialise in telephone or via videoconferencing. Your aftercare is arranged prior to your departure.

Personalised rehabilitation treatment 

Lanna therapists are experts in different aspects of addiction and mental health and they will choose the right therapist for your treatment needs.

Respect and Flexibility

Lanna promotes the view that their program is for your rehabilitation, and they fully understand that clients need to maintain connectivity and productivity while undergoing rehabilitation. There are no restrictions on mobile phone or internet use during non-course hours. Bring your laptop and use the WiFi, or use computers provided for you at the centre.

High Rehab Completion Rate

92% course completion rate.

Private and Confidential Rehab

No record of your treatment on file with your government, insurance company, employer, school, etc. Unless you tell someone, no one will ever know about your treatment from Lanna.

* If you are a high profile individual in Australia, it is very unlikely you will be recognised at Lanna
* Extra security measures are available to ensure your safety and privacy if necessary.

Transportation included

Private transfer to and from the airport are included in the cost of treatment