About addiction, how to pay for drug rehab, release of super for rehab & drug rehab overseas.

Stop taking Drugs provides information on drug abuse, alcoholism, mental health and addiction treatment options. Understanding the nature of addictive behaviour and chemical dependency is a powerful means to prevent and treat drug and alcohol abuse.

We deal with the key issues, including: - treatment for drug and alcohol addiction; how to pay for addiction; release of superannuation savings for rehab; and rehab overseas. 

How to pay for rehab

There are options available to pay for private drug rehab like the services provided by www.releasemysuper.com.au in Australia. Release My Super specialises in accessing your superannuation savings for both drug and alcohol treatment and their team continue to operate with a 5 star google review rating.

Best rehab facilities

We refer hundreds of addicts to facilities in Australia and overseas every year. Giving up drugs and alcohol has too much upside to be ignored, so contact us if you need help in finding a rehab clinic which will suit your needs. Please note, we do not take referral fees or commissions from any of our partners and our recommendations are based on personal experience and those of our readers.

Stop drinking alcohol

We also recommend www.stopdrinkingalcohol.com.au as a great information website for those with issues around alcohol abuse.

We wish you success on your journey.

Robert Rushford Editor - Stop taking Drugs

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