Assisted Interventions

If you are trying to convince a loved one that they need to seek help for their drug or alcohol use and they are reluctant, we might be able to help. Due to a high demand and numerous requests we have decided to offer interventions as part of our services. Our therapists have extensive experience conducting interventions. The primary goal of the intervention is to get the person to agree to treatment.

Many people have found that if a family member or friend confronts an alcoholic or addict about their drug or alcohol use, that they can sometimes to do more harm than good. This can result in resentment towards the loved one and the person pulling away farther than they already are.

No interventionist will guarantee that they will be able to convince the addict to get help with their addiction– neither will we; but, it is the most effective approach for anyone who, for one reason or another, will not admit they have a problem or just won’t agree to treatment.

After contacting us and arranging for an intervention with your loved one, we will work with you and your family to set up the intervention properly to give your efforts the best chance of success. One of our therapists will meet with you and discuss the best approach and plan the whole intervention appropriately.