Luxury rehab accommodation

There are many people who think that rehab should be tough, it is almost as though addiction treatment should be a punishment. Rehab is tough, and coming to terms with the feelings and emotions that have been suppressed by drink or drugs is difficult and confronting. It doesn’t mean that the accommodations and settings should be austere, too - deprivation does not aid recovery and can, in fact, hinder it.

Accommodation at most private facilities is provided in individual modern villas or rooms, situated in private grounds to help you deal only with your addiction.  There are usually no shared rooms. 

Try and find a facility with a strong program: common areas are great to allow sharing with your fellow attendees, so do not discount the learnings to be achieved around the swimming pool, table tennis table, or library.

Treatment is a 'once in a lifetime' opportunity to get well and understand the lessons of your past behaviour.

A chance to reset your Life

When a client goes into rehab they are leaving behind a substance that has helped them avoid the issues that cause them pain. Many clients will want to avoid dealing with their pain for as long as possible. The objective of rehab is to help the client with this process. If they are fixated on a cold room, bad food or lack of amenities, this can hinder their process.

Lanna's belief is that offering excellent food, good accommodation and plentiful amenities will give their clients the freedom to deal with their issues without being sidetracked. Lanna is structured to be a positive experience. The average completion rate for rehab in general is under 50%, whereas at Lanna their completion rate sits at 90%.

Many clients come to Lanna after years of very poor diets, so they offer a superb range of Thai and International Cuisine using fresh food, much of it grown and bought locally. This helps clients get back their appetites and offers them all the vitamins and nutrients they need without having to resort to supplements and pills.

Boredom does not help anyone get better. Lanna offers its clients a range of activities from canoeing to swimming, to a DVD and book library to use. Learning to relax and make the most of free time is an integral part of recovery. Many clients will have spent all their spare time drinking or acquiring drugs or alcohol and will need to re-learn relaxation and pick up new interests. They also learn to socialise without the need for drugs.

And the setting is beautiful and calming. It may look like a luxury resort, but it is an intensive treatment program. It is tough, but only where it needs to be, and that is in managing change