Why choose private rehab

The benefits of a private rehabilitation are many, including immediate availability to treatment, world class treatment modalities, and better facilities compared to the public sector. Private rehab also offers a confidential environment away from all distractions, particularly if you chose a location outside of Australia. These benefits will allow you to concentrate on why you are here in the first place, without the need to worry about whether you rehab is going to be interrupted by access to any of the triggers which might see your recovery compromised.

Stay away from drugs, people and places 

There is a  great benefit in physically getting away from the city where you have been using drugs. Getting away from the people who you take drugs with, your drug contacts, dealers and their people is critical to assessing your need for a fresh start. Many addicts refer to this distancing as "getting out of Dodge City", meaning getting a fresh start. Private rehab offers you a 5 star re-introduction to a life without drugs.